Jeevan Mangat

Jeevan Singh Mangat

CA 66: Innisfail-Sylvan Lake

Jeevan Singh Mangat immigrated to Calgary along with his family from Kenya in 1970 and enrolled in Grade 7. He attended Junior and Senior High School in Calgary and graduated from University of Calgary with a Degree in Civil Engineering.

Jeevan has experience as a small business operator and has volunteered in the past for Kids Cancer Care Foundation, Children’s Wish Foundation, The Third Academy School for Special Needs Children, and Canadian Taxpayers Federation. For the last 16 years, Jeevan has been employed as a commercial property manager and achieved his Certification of Property Management (CPM).

Having been a candidate for the Wildrose Party of Alberta, in the 2012 and 2015 provincial elections, Jeevan still has passion to do what is right for Alberta. His dream to keep the Independence movement alive is why he has chosen to run in the Innisfail-Sylvan Lake Electoral Riding for the 2023 Provincial Election.

As a member of the Wildrose Independent Party of Alberta since 2020, Jeevan has volunteered on the Leadership Selection Committee and for the Provincial Nomination Committee. He has attended Wildrose events in the past year in Red Deer and Last Chance Saloon near Drumheller. He has also conducted presentations for Wildrose CAs regarding duties of the Local Constituency Nomination Committee and Conducting Nominee Search.

He is married to his wife Nina for 39 years and have two adult children. In each of his campaigns his literature stressed the values of free enterprise and ensuring equality of opportunity for all Albertans, particularly the intellectually and physically challenged citizens of Alberta.

Having witnessed as an Albertan the devastating effects of the National Energy Program, where families lost their homes and employment vanished, Jeevan has been dedicated to achieving Alberta Independence. Supporting industries and social causes in Quebec through taxes generated by Albertans is unacceptable. Jeevan believes in abolishing Transfer Payments, Bilingualism, Supply Management, and the other various federal programs that destroy Alberta. These policies can never be abolished by staying within the Federation; therefore, Alberta Independence has to be achieved.


Albertans in charge of Alberta

Private investment and innovation driving economic growth

Recognizing our duty of care to the disadvantaged

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