Election Messaging:


  • Equality does not exist for Alberta within Confederation and never will.
  • Each successive elected Federal Government will be at the behest of Eastern Canada especially Quebec.
  • Carbon Tax does not apply to Quebec’s cement industry which has a higher carbon footprint than our energy sector.
  • As a first step towards independence Alberta needs to take full control over its provincial jurisdiction.
  • No matter which Party is elected in Ottawa, Alberta’s interests will never by fully represented.
  • Under our governance we reserve the right to introduce a Referendum on Alberta Independence when Albertans think it is in their best interest.


  • Decentralization of power base from Edmonton to local levels.
  • Collection of our taxes and not Ottawa.
  • We will enshrine parental rights, property rights, freedom to prosper, freedom from taxation without representation, business freedom without govt interference, freedom to speak our thoughts .
  • Eliminate joint and overlapping funding between levels of government and within departments and agencies, e.g., Health Care, Education, Natural Resources.
  • English will be the official language for an Independent Alberta.
  • Use the Notwithstanding Clause to follow through with the desires of Albertans.


  • Success of Alberta due to encouragement of private business, and not subsidizing failing corporations such as Bombardier, Auto Industry.
  • Growth of business derives from lower taxes and less restrictive regulations.
  • Civil service is supported by taxation from private enterprises. The largesse
    Definition: largesse
    liberality in bestowing gifts; extremely liberal and generous of spirit
    of our civil service is one of the reasons our debt in unsustainable. We do not wish to pass our debt to future generations. Decentralization of Govt will reduce number of civil bureaucrats required.
    • We are in debt; can we seriously stay in debt forever.
    • Oversized governments are detrimental to economic growth.
    • Eliminate politically driven funding of foreign governments or entities.
      • Trans Mountain Pipeline – total cost currently $30B, originally at $5B; this economic decision should have been made between BC and AB, with minimal interference from Ottawa; Local decisions benefiting local citizens.


  • Ottawa is wasting productive Alberta Tax revenue on subsidizing failing private enterprises primarily based in Central Canada.
  • We need to collect our own taxes:
    • To mitigate transfer payments-billions of dollars leave our Province every year.
    • To prevent the Federal Govt from interfering in our Provincial jurisdictions on funding services.
    • To remove double taxation – provincial employees income taxes revert to the Province and not the Federal Govt.
    • Will ensure our government is not bloated, and is affordable.
  • Prudent investing with balanced budgets and protecting the Alberta Heritage Fund for future generations.
  • Alberta will have the ability to negotiate and develop its own trade agreement similar to Quebec outside of the current USMCA Agreement.


  • We will Enshrine Property Rights in Alberta Legislation-if an individual or family claim to their land which is protected by the rule of law, then individuals have the right to protect their property by every means necessary.
  • Landowner owns mineral rights (need to discuss this further)
  • We will never introduce rent control.
  • We will work with Municipalities to remove barriers that restrict the growth and development of rural Alberta.
  • We will ensure that the government has adequate investment into rural infrastructure to support our rural industries such as Oil & Gas, Forestry and Agriculture.
  • Remove squatter rights.


  • Permit non-profit organizations and private corporations to own and manage hospitals; professional managers to manage hospitals.
  • Treat drug addicts as healthcare patients, not criminals, which will require a defined period of supervised medical support to resolve the addiction.
  • Increase limits on the number of health professionals that can be certified through the education system .
  • We will manage future health crisis in the spirit of the Great Barrington Declaration


  • Enable for more accredited online higher education to reduce costs for students and to provide for a more competitive educational environment.
  • Implement Freedom of Choice in education by ensuring that both equitable funding and the approved Alberta curriculum follows the students for all education options, including public, private, Catholic, and charter schools in Alberta, as well as homeschooling.
  • Ensure that critical thinking and debating skills are part of all curricula.