At the Doors with Mike Lorusso

At the doors, Albertans have expressed their fear for their future and the future of our province if an NDP government is elected for another 4 years. They have not forgotten the damage that was caused by Team Notley from 2015 to 2019. They have expressed their appreciation for our efforts and movement towards a strong and free Alberta, but out of fear have given their support to Danielle Smith and the UCP.

Mike Lorusso doorknocking

We have true believers of Independence through Alberta separation that have been strong-willed in this movement since the 1970’s! Whether it’s oil workers up in Fort McMurray, or the new generations graduating out of the education system and realizing they do not have access to the opportunities they need to be successful. This is due to an administration in Ottawa that would rather give taxpayer money and opportunity to newcomers instead of helping our own first. Here in Alberta, we breed and develop excellence generation after generation. However, that excellence is falling by the wayside from discouragement and efforts going unrewarded.

For example, take a look at the strain on resources taking place to fight wildfires while families are displaced for their own safety. We have to call in resources from out of province, and even out of country to help battle the fires and avoid complete devastation of the surrounding communities. We have the hands and resources available right here in Alberta, but they are not being used due to the gatekeepers preventing appropriate funding to be allocated to those emergencies.

It is our belief that Alberta would be best able to achieve its fullest potential through having self-determination and that is what Wildrose stands for. But, I would like to remind, and also reassure people, that the spirit of helping is deeply ingrained in Albertans and we would never depart from this as a province or as a nation.

All this being said, whether you’ve given your support to either side of the aisle in previous elections, we are here to help and listen to each and every one of you.

If you elect me in Highwood, I invite you to come to my office any time to have a conversation. I plan on making myself and my future staff available to you from 8am to 6pm Monday through Saturday. Your concerns, complaints and ideas I will personally bring to legislature every chance I get, because I am not in this fight for me, I am in it for you, the people who make this province great!


Mike Lorusso
Highwood MLA Candidate
Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta

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