Urgent Notice for Wildrose Members - WLC

URGENT NOTICE to Wildrose Members – WLC

You may have recently heard that the so called “Wildrose Loyalty Coalition” or “WLC” is running a few candidates in swing ridings around Alberta. Please take note that these candidates are not representing our Party, Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta. Paul Hinman is acknowledged to be the Leader of this other party (WLC). Jeevan Mangat is the current Leader of WIPA, and is running as a candidate in Innisfail – Sylvan Lake.

Urgency Message regarding Paul Hinman's WLC Party

The WLC is benefiting from the name recognition through the similar sounding name to our Party. We have heard from many voters and members that they are confused between which party is which or that one is the same as the other. The newly founded WLC has also chosen to use colours and a wild rose flower logo similar to ours to represent their Party. This appears to be an effort to try to take advantage of the name recognition of the Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta.

In this particular election, the instability of the UCP leadership has fractured support for their party (down from around 65% general support) which now, because of the timing of this election, has created an opening for the NDP to form government again. An NDP government would be a worst-case scenario for Alberta and as such, our Party’s board decided to run only very select candidates in specific ridings that were not vulnerable to such a calamitous outcome. On the other hand, Wildrose Loyalty Coalition is running in ridings where vote-splitting could tip the balance to the NDP.

Alberta has enough challenges, and we don’t need an encore Notley Government.

As such, we the Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta issues this message to you in an effort to clarify that the WLC is an organization that is not related or associated with WIPA. Their leader and candidates do not represent our Party. WLC lawn signs and online banners or images are separate from ours and very importantly donations and membership fees paid to WLC will not receive a tax receipt from us.

Please lend Ms. Smith your vote this election for the sake of stopping the NDP, but support Wildrose in Highwood and Innisfail-Sylvan Lake to advance the cause of self-determination for Alberta! Please make a donation, volunteer, buy a membership of the REAL Wildrose Independence Party and have your say in the future of Alberta!

The Wildrose Independence Team

Collections Report: We are pleased to report that payment of the legal costs awarded to the Wildrose by the Court of King’s Bench has now been completed.

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