The Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta, founded June 29, 2020

Our Purpose: Sovereignty

We Believe:

  • In the freedom, dignity, and worth of every individual
  • That government is of the people, by the people and for the people, not over the people
  • Albertans find themselves daily confronted by a federal government, far removed, with destructive, predatory policies designed to exploit and obstruct for its own ends, at our expense
  • That no federal government has protected Alberta’s interests or secured its future prosperity
  • The induced recession which has devastated Alberta for the past several years, if not stopped, will continue Alberta’s subservience to Ottawa
  • Albertans must exercise their self-determination to explore and pursue a new path forward, free of injustices, to protect and secure Alberta’s prosperity

Our Founding Principles:

  • Alberta Will Be Strong and Free (“Fortis et Liber”), and Sovereign
  • Alberta Will Gather Unto Itself All Power To Uphold Independence
  • Alberta Will Create “The Constitution of Alberta”
  • Alberta Will Hold A Referendum on Independence

Our Vision

Alberta will rightfully become a new Sovereign Constitutional Democracy that recognizes the Supremacy of God and the rule of law with individual freedoms and rights, a shining beacon to the world as the safest, healthiest and most prosperous free country in which to live.

Bow Valley Provincial Park

Our Mission

  1. Assert our independence and redefine our relationship with Canada
  2. Affirm all individual freedoms and rights
  3. Establish an accountable Alberta Police Force
  4. Establish the Alberta Revenue Agency to collect all taxes
  5. Establish our own Pension Plan
  6. Establish our own Employment Insurance Plan
  7. Establish our own Immigration Policy
  8. Be governed by our own Environmental Act
  9. Continue to develop and transport our natural resources responsibly
  10. Develop new trade agreements with other provinces and nations
  11. Develop the highest quality and immediate access to healthcare
  12. Develop our education system to exceed international standards
  13. Create a “Constitution of Alberta” with, and for, all Albertans
  14. Hold a referendum on Independence


We Will:

  • Inspire Albertans on the merits of Sovereignty
  • Advertise our purpose, vision, and mission
  • Address concerns such as splitting the vote, being land-locked, taxation, pension plan
  • Conduct town halls, conferences, home meetings and social media
  • Build our membership and elect candidates in every constituency
  • Run a campaign in 2023 – status quo vs putting our house in order