Questions to ask yourself following the May 29, 2023 election:

  1. Do we really want Leftist Mayors such as Jyoti Gondek in Calgary and Edmonton's Mayor Amarjeet Sohi, who both support the NDP and Liberal governments, to run our cities in collation with the Alberta NDP as the official opposition?
    • Both mayors voted to defund the Police in their cities, starting the downward spiral that lead to safety issues on using transit?
    • Both of whom have heavy ties to the Liberal government?
    • Is there a way we can vote these people out or recall them before the next provincial election?
  2. Who is Alberta NDP leader Rachel Notley’s boss, and why it matters as the NDP is the official opposition party in Alberta?
  3. Do we really want NDP and their Liberal Coalition to infringe on Albertan's rights?
    • Paying Carbon Taxes for a country that produces 1.6% of CO2, yet has 318 billion trees which absorb CO2?
    • For plans by the Federal Government to reverse the 1930 rights granted to Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba's ownership of Natural Resources? Rights that every other province had before 1930, yet wouldn't be taken away from those provinces?
    • For a climate change agenda of reducing CO2, Nitrogen Fertilizers, Food Production, Petrochemicals and People, being directed by the World Economic Forum
  4. Are you aware that Alberta and Provincial Union dues were being used to buy attack ads against political opponents in the May 2023 election?
    • Is there a way to prevent this from happening in the future?
    • Can changes be made to the elections advertising act preventing unions and Non-Government Organizations (NGO's) from being able to do this?
  5. Are you aware that their are legal challenges against the Liberal & NDP's use of the Emergency Act against the citizens of Canada?
    • More videos from the Canadian Consttitution Foundation might reveal more