We are actively working to form constituency associations across Alberta. Here’s why getting involved in your local CA is important:

  • WIPA will need candidates to run in the May 29, 2023 provincial election. CAs are instrumental in finding and vetting MLA candidates. You can help to ensure that there is a worthy candidate to represent you in your area.
  • We are still developing policy. Members are invited and encouraged to contribute their wisdom and ideas, and CAs are the vehicle for this.
  • CAs help build momentum! You are not alone in your frustration with the state of things in our province. Getting involved in your local CA puts you in touch with like-minded people who have the same desire to be the change.

Check the Elections Alberta website to confirm which constituency you reside in using your physical street address, MLA, or Federal Electorial District, or rural Quarter-Section-Township-Range-Meridian address

Then click the appropriate button below to find your CA’s listing. Feel free to email your CA’s contact person and let them know you’re interested in becoming involved. If your CA is not yet active, you can email the regional director to get the ball rolling in your area.

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