Mike Lorusso

Mike Lorusso

CA 65: Highwood

Mike is 27 years old, originally from North Bay, Ontario. He moved to Alberta in 2021 when his rights and freedoms were being stripped by tyrannical leadership at both the provincial and federal level. In an urbanized dystopian environment, speaking up put him at risk of both verbal and physical attack from those who oppose his way of thinking.

He has a college diploma from Canadore College in Media Communications (Broadcasting - TV/Video Production). Mike understands how the mainstream media operates and uses their bias to push and enforce agendas put forth by Canada’s federal government.

Mike learned in early 2020 that Alberta was the only saving grace for individual freedom, prosperity, and respect for all walks of life. Alberta is where the opportunity for growth, success and a proper identity begins. It is where facts hold merit over emotional polarization.

Unlike those currently seated in Alberta legislature, He is not a career politician, he is a working class Albertan who wants the voices of all to be heard. We have a community of people that have been forced into silence by Ottawa in the past 8 years, and it’s time for those people to be heard and respected by their provincial leadership.



Albertans have a right to defend themselves, their residential property, land and their families by any means necessary. This includes the right to own and bear arms.


Albertans have the right to express themselves freely without censorship, filtering of views or interference by any venue, organization or institution.

Albertans should never be told that they cannot assemble peacefully with like-minded individuals.

Our citizens have the right to move freely, which includes within Alberta as well as entering or leaving Alberta without restriction by government or privately-funded companies.


The right of parents, with the family being the moral, social and cultural pillar of society, to raise and educate their own children as the parents deem best, including the right of parents to pass on principles, morals, ethical behavior, accountability, knowledge, and critical thinking, to future generations.

I will reform the education system and implement freedom of choice in education by ensuring that both equitable funding and the approved Alberta curriculum follows the students for all education options, including public, private, Catholic, and charter schools in Alberta, as well as homeschooling.

Our new educational policies will hold school boards accountable and ensure that students are being taught basic life skills such as navigation, accounting exercises such as filing taxes, as well as encourage critical thinking, debate skills and civil discussion are all part of the curriculum.

Instead of teaching inaccurate biology (such as indoctrinating students to believe there are more than 2 genders - which there aren’t), I will ensure that the curriculum includes exposure to, farming, fishing, hunting, outdoor skills, basic home repairs, vehicle maintenance, firearms knowledge, i.e. how the real world operates.

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