As You Vote Tomorrow May 29 2023

Talking with voters this election has re-affirmed with me now more than ever the importance of our mission for self-determination for Alberta. While door-knocking in Innisfail-Sylvan Lake the voters could not be more clear and our Party is in full agreement that the politics of the east have sucked money out of the bank accounts of ordinary Albertans for years. Too boot, when times were bad for us they barely lifted a finger to help. Albertans can’t take it anymore.

Jeevan in front of his campaign sign

The NDP and UCP have barely feathered a touch on this fundamental problem in this election and voters don’t appreciate the silence. Both have really missed the boat. Fair Deal Panels and Sovereignty Acts have given minor acknowledgement to the issue but to no tangible effect

Albertans want solid steps taken. Quebec gets what it wants with a simple complaint, but Alberta will have to do far more than that to get anywhere. We cannot afford to be complacent or accept the status quo.  We must be courageous to remove ourselves from the talons of Ottawa and Quebec.

Our Party is now positioned to begin its drive to further the cause of self-determination for Alberta. In this election we have heard the subtle but strong rumbles of the people and we will build to see that real action for Alberta is done.

The outpouring of support as we have put out our messages in this election has been invigorating. Thank you, each and every one of you for your support and we will continue to recruit new and hard-working individuals and contributors that will bring the cause to reality.

If you want to be a part of lifting Alberta up, don’t wait, put your name down today. We all need to do everything we can to shake off the chains that hold Alberta down.

In the coming weeks we will begin a new long-term campaign: Solid Steps to Alberta Self-Determination. I want you to be part of the team to make this happen. Can we count on you?  


Jeevan Mangat
Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta

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