Danielle walked away from Sovereignty - so what?

So: Danielle Smith has backed off from her Sovereignty Act. Provincial Police? Gone. Alberta Revenue Agency? Nope. Alberta Pension Plan? Uh-uh. These are now things to “revisit.” Our ideas were good enough for her to use when they would win her the UCP leadership, but now they’re passe.

Alberta Legislature Building

We know why, of course.  Danielle brought in a campaign team from Ontario.  They’re her advisors now.  They know best – they think that Albertans can be played.  They know nothing about us – and neither, really, does Danielle.  Like Notley, she’s now a pawn of Eastern politics and special interests. Neither one will represent Albertans when it counts.

Check out our open letter to Danielle!

Check out our open letter to Danielle!

Danielle isn’t here to save us.  People that live their lives, work hard and pay taxes in Alberta know how it goes when Eastern Canada Cronies call the shots: we get the scraps and a pat on the head.

Danielle seemed to get it –  but she’s made a 180-turn.

Fine. We can do this without her.

But we need your help.

The independence movement seems fractured because there’s always somebody trying to get something out of it for themselves. Kenney first and now apparently Smith, history repeats.

Stability counts: the Wildrose Independence Party has been here for years, and it has never wavered.  We have a realistic plan to make independence happen, and we’re working on it today, in this election.

For the cost of a meal out, you can make a big difference.  $20 or $40 isn’t that hard to manage.  And the Canadian government will happily give most of it back to you on your taxes.

You can donate as much as $4,300 during the election period.

Support the Cause

While you’re at it, please consider becoming part of our long-term team.  Stop by and let us know what you would like to do in this election and in the future.

Please, be generous.  The future of Alberta will be better for it.

Fundraising Team

Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta

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